At the beginning of 2018, new owners purchased the 40+ year old local electrical business. Paul Matters Electrical had deep community connections and a solid reputation. The new owners looked to improve and develop the service culture further.

The business only had 15 Google reviews, which were a mix of positive and negative.

The owners met with Ensampled in September 2018 to help them improve its engagement with its customers, especially their after sales service.

Working with Ensampled, the business started asking their customers to review their recent service experience by rating three key areas of the business: Communication, Staff Professionalism and Friendliness and Value for Money.

8 months later, the business has received:

1,000+ customer reviews

300+ testimonials

100+ positive Google reviews

150+ suggestions / constructive feedback direct from actual customers on how the service can be improved.

With new management placing an emphasis on excellent customer service, the majority of feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The business’s customers demonstrated that they were not only happy with the service, but approximately a third took the time to write a testimonial on their experience. The owners were able to easily publish the testimonials to the business’s website, allowing current reviews and testimonials to be seen by potential new clients finding the business via a Google search.

There were customers whose expectations weren’t met for a variety of reasons. The asking for feedback has allowed the business to contact these customers immediately to create a Recovery Moment.  That is, to talk through the issue, try to resolve and retain the customer before they decide to vent on social media or with family and friends in the tight local community.

Business owner Andrew MacLaren says, “The small spend of under $25 a week on Ensampled is the best value for money marketing activity we invest in. It provides a level of after sales service that puts us ahead of our local competition.”

“Ensampled is more than just asking for feedback. It is also a powerful marketing tool, giving us a direct insight into our customer’s thought process. By providing follow up service, we are hoping to demonstrate to our customers we value their thoughts and opinions. Using Ensampled has made such a positive impact on our business and our customer relationships”

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Paul Matters Electrical – 2019